Horses Dreams

Depesche develops a lovely product range for horse lovers.



Trixibelles – the magical world of three little flowery princesses!

The Trixibelles product range has been lovingly compiled for girls of three to six years old. The sweet design with many coloured patterns, dots and playful details makes the hearts of little girls and adults alike skip a beat.



Depesche Online Shop

Depesche offers an exclusive online shop to registered trading partners.



Love & Peace – the crazy little lucky charms

The latest product range "Love & Peace“ is distinguished above all by the simple body shapes and clear facial expressions of its characters. These are combined with loving details, such as patches, bows, hearts and peace signs. The " Love & Peace“  characters belong to the family of crazy little lucky charms that everyone loves to give as a present, keep themselves, or collect. After all, you can never have too much luck!



Animal Love - simply charming!

It all started with the ranges "Kitty Love" and "Doggy Love" - now Depesche is developing a range for all animal lovers - "Animal Love".



My Style Princess

Creative fun for the little ones!

This new collection for little girls aged 3 years and upwards revolves around sweet little Princess Mimi and her lovely dresses. Together with her best friend, Lissy, the cute little rabbit Nelly and Ella the cheeky duck, the little princess provides plenty of creative fun especially designed for this young target group.



Monster Cars

Monster Cars is a small but steadily growing product range specially made for boys. Designed in clear colours and shapes with designs of cool cars which touch the little boys. The range includes e.g. matchbags, pencil cases and other products from the schoolrange.



Ylvi & the Minimoomis

The little fairy who bewitches everybody...

Ylvi is a young but no longer small fairy, she is honest and caring but still very playful.

Her best friends are the Minimoomis - cuddlysoft fantasy creatures, who love to cuddle and be stroked.

The worls of Silvana, the story of the characters "Ylvi & the Minimoomis" have been packed together in a small but growing collection. The outcoming is fantastic and colourful and is aimed to attract girls aged 6 - 10.

The 4 colours of the plushies are simultaneously the main colours of the collection: Loola-pink, Mooli-lilac, Pooby- green and Coccoo-crystal blue are clearly visible throughout the entire product line.



Miss Melody

Horses, friendships, adventure - everything a girl loves!

Miss Melody is the brand-new collection by Depesche, revolving around horses, horse-riding girls and stable adventures. The main character are four completely different girls - Sienna, Jella, Lily and Toni. Thanks to the characters' diverse personalities the stories and adventures are full of suspense and variety.


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