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House of Mouse - since end of October in stores!


Welcome to the „House of Mouse“ collection. Here we play, live, cuddle and collect:

Mother and father Mouse, brother Fips, sister Holly and baby Mouse -

All these different mouse characters offer children a collector’s passion to create their own fantastic world in a role-playing game. The centre stage of the mice is their house.

We show in the design how and where the mice live, what they experience and tell the stories around the individual characters.

Like in the way fables are told, the animals have human roles. A method which is easy understandable for children, age group 3 and up and animate their fantasy in a playful way.


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Depesche is a member of the BSCI!

As an international company whose products are aimed above all at a young target group, we were aware from the very beginning of our obligation to take working conditions at our production locations seriously.




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