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Recall Monster Cars Leather Wristband

Recall of Art. 6116/ A – Monster Cars Leather Wristband – EAN 4010070269234


Dear Sir or Madam,


The above mentioned leather wristband shows quality problems. In the course of time it discharges chrome which has been used to tan the leather. Before delivery, the item has been tested successfully by the TÜV, according to the current law requirements.


To fulfill our negligence we take the item back from the market, since it could cause allergic reactions.


Information for consumers:

You can return your wristband with the receipt to the customer where you bought it.


Information for our customers:

Please remove the item from your store and give it back to our sales rep to credit it.


We appreciate your help and send you warmest regards


Your Depesche Team


Recall Monster Cars Leather Wristband


7Skills - since April in stores!

"SevenSkills" – the name is program for casual trends and cool kids. Under this label we like to present current fashion themes, modern shapes and dark colours, reduced prints with a pint of neon for children the age 6 and up.


For the first collection, we picked up the vintage look of the California skate scene with the modern casual look, mixed with the penny board scene (the penny board is the new, smaller version of the classical skate board).


The product range has a big variety and is made for boys and girls in the same way: Best selling items like the triple pencil case and the fitting pencil tube are expanded by trendy accessories like the back pack, where the penny board can be fixed, festival bracelets, beanies or the colouring book for designing, painting, drawing and stickering.


There is only one thing the 7skills range is not: Boring!

The brand „7Skills“ (= „Seven Senses“) means: Balance and Cleverness, Friendship and Adventure, Courage and Team Spirit and loads of Coolness!


The collection will be in stores beginning of April.

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Depesche is a member of the BSCI!

As an international company whose products are aimed above all at a young target group, we were aware from the very beginning of our obligation to take working conditions at our production locations seriously.




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