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Toy Safety

Toy Safety Directive – 2009/48/EG

Since 20.07.2011 this directive has amended and replaced existing directive 88/378/EWG. The new directive is only valid for products which have been delivered to dealers since 20.07.2011. Existing stocks of toys can continue to be supplied to dealers as long as they conform to previous directive 88/378/EWG.



Recall Monster Cars Leather Wristband

Recall of Art. 6116/ A – Monster Cars Leather Wristband – EAN 4010070269234


Dear Sir or Madam,


The above mentioned leather wristband shows quality problems. In the course of time it discharges chrome which has been used to tan the leather. Before delivery, the item has been tested successfully by the TÜV, according to the current law requirements.


To fulfill our negligence we take the item back from the market, since it could cause allergic reactions.


Information for consumers:

You can return your wristband with the receipt to the customer where you bought it.


Information for our customers:

Please remove the item from your store and give it back to our sales rep to credit it.


We appreciate your help and send you warmest regards


Your Depesche Team


Recall Monster Cars Leather Wristband



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