Our products appeal to both young and old. And that pleases us greatly. At the same time we are aware of the weight of this enormous responsibility.

Fulfilling all legal requirements and beyond!

In most cases we are not content to "merely" fulfil legislative requirements. If some materials such as plasticisers, are classified as being possibly dangerous for some product areas, we then try to avoid using these materials wherever possible, even though they may still be legal.

Quality approved

All of our products come from us: from the concept, to the product development, through to supervising the production and the quality control. This guarantees the highest levels of quality and safety.

We know that the cost is high, yet we will stick to this solution uncompromisingly. From conviction and passion.

Fair Working Conditions

It was always important for us to be aware of our obligation to take working conditions at our production sites seriously.

It was therefore a logical step for us to join the BSCI (www.bsci-intl.org) and strive together with the approx. 900 other member companies of the Business Social Compliance Initiative for a lasting improvement in on-site conditions. Amongst numerous other points, the members of the BSCI are committed to the prohibition of child labour and the provision of health and safety at work.

Member of amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. We participate in amfori BSCI. For more information visit www.amfori.org