Product safety

Since 20.07.2011 this directive has amended and replaced existing directive 88/378/EWG. The new directive is only valid for products which have been delivered to dealers since 20.07.2011. Existing stocks of toys can continue to be supplied to dealers as long as they conform to previous directive 88/378/EWG.

A toy is a product that is intended or designed for use in play by children under 14 years of age. These products must bear the CE marking as it confirms conformity with EU guidelines.

As a manufacturer/importer/distributor of toys we are obliged to know every detail of the design and production process of the toys and make conformity assessments. We are furthermore obliged to provide technical documentation and declarations of conformity if requested to do so.

As a dealer you are obliged to provide the authorities with a declaration of conformity within 30 days if requested to do so. We will provide you with such a declaration upon request. Please contact Mrs Eckermann in this connection at or tel.: 0049 (0)4152/936-136.

Moreover, you are obliged to check products for the presence of the following information: CE marking, appropriate warnings and instructions for use.

If you also offer toys on the internet as a dealer, you are obliged to inform the end user of any relevant warnings before the article is purchased. These warnings can be found on the product. We affirm that all our toys bear the correct warnings.

Not all the products we offer are toys – and they are therefore not affected by this directive. Such products include, for example, paper products (except colouring books and stickers), bags, purses, school articles, fashion articles and/or item, decoration articles, cosmetics.

Geesthacht, July 2011