Alte Lagerhalle von Depesche Vertrieb, Geschichte
Alte Lagerhalle von Depesche Vertrieb, Geschichte

Over 35 years of company history

Depesche being a local manufacturer of greeting cards – that was a long time ago. A number of highly motivated people, three relocations and a dozen protagonists for a playful theme world for children have all played their part in turning Depesche into the company that we are now. And the story itself is so much more interesting than the mere expression “company history” could convey …


How it all started …

It is in 1985 that Kjeld Schiøtz decides to make a move from Denmark to Northern Germany. Little does he know that this is the start of a very prosperous business career. A freelance greeting cards salesman, he enthusiastically markets his wide variety of cards, making a name for himself within the business – and giving birth to Depesche. Five years later, when he comes across the drawing of a grey mouse, the company’s story really takes off.

Briefumschlag mit Flügel – Icon by Depesche

  • 1985 – Starting a greeting card company

    Kjeld Schiøtz, Danish-born businessman and today the company’s Managing Director, sets up Depesche, initially a greeting card company, in Vierlanden, right next to the Elbe dyke. This early stage is already marked by the product range’s variety. Colourful greeting cards and name products like key rings and mugs soon gain popularity. New channels of distribution, innovative products and an unyielding commitment help the company grow. Depesche soon relocates to Hamburg-Bergedorf, later on to Glinde, and finally to Geesthacht.
  • from 1990 - Diddl-Maus comes to life

    Remember Diddl-Maus? The first drafts of this soon-to-be-famous cartoon mouse had been created by Thomas Goletz. Quickly it finds its way onto postcards and writing paper, before coming to life as a four-feet-tall plush animal. The following years are marked by the creation of a broad range of products revolving around the grey mouse, giving rise to a proper hype and helping the company grow. To this day Diddl-Maus items have a considerable collectible value.
  • from 1999 – Depesche goes multi-national

    Following the company’s steady growth, people in other European countries become aware of – and interested in – Depesche’s products. The first branch opens in the Netherlands in 1999, followed by Belgium (2001), the UK (2003), Spain (2004), and France (2018). Today Depesche products are being sold in 47 countries all across the world.
  • from 2007 – The birth of TOPModel

    Guardian Angel, Dark Dudes, musical cards by Archie’s Hitmix and other brands come to life, some of which are still being produced today.

    In 2008 Depesche develops its product line “Creative Studio by Depesche”, the first step into setting up TOPModel, an extremely successful brand to this day. This range of drawing and creative craft sets, high-quality school products, bag collections child-friendly beauty items has found countless fans between around 6 and 12 years of age at home and abroad.
  • from 2010 – Miss Melody, Ylvi and more

    Creative product lines for children are our passion! Miss Melody (since 2014) has a huge following among horse lovers. My Style Princess – today called Princess Mimi – has been helping nursery school princesses sparkle and shine since 2012. Ylvi (since 2012) is getting girls who like cuddling and unicorns delighted. Meanwhile, action enthusiasts and explorers of prehistoric times have been enjoying Monster Cars and Dino World items since 2012 and 2016, respectively!
  • 2021 – A new generation

    And we are still growing: since January 2021 our Managing Director Kjeld Schiøtz has been joined by his daughter Nynne Schiøtz. Together these two business generations are running Depesche, a company that now operates in 70 countries around the world – with its own branch offices and partner companies as well as its own sales department, 320 employees in Germany and abroad and a number of brands that are still going strong in regular commerce with online commerce picking up as well.
  • … see you in the future

    Of course our story does not end here. On the contrary: we are full of plans – and busy creating new product lines and maybe even some new brands. On top of that we are working on projects the contents of which we are not ready to disclose yet. Most of all, we are looking at the world with open eyes and a big helping of genuine curiosity! What about you?
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