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Sustainability: What Depesche is doing already

Being a trading company with an international orientation, we have a great responsibility for people and nature. This obligation towards society and the environment is something we take very seriously, and we are keen to contribute to an economical and considerate use of resources in our entire supply chain. We are ready to meet this challenge in a conscientious matter, starting with small steps and constantly moving forward year by year, being fully aware that every step counts.

Our five pillars of sustainability

Sustainability in all its diversity

With our five pillars always in mind, we are taking one step further towards sustainability each day, aiming to reduce our ecological footprint. For this we are bearing in mind the consumption of our materials and our supply chains as well as our environmental management, our responsibility towards society and a sustainable corporate management.

Depesche Firmengebäude mit ABL-Lager
Depesche-ABL-Lager Firmengebäude

1. Sustainable materials


FSC certification

For our colouring and creative books as well as our huge range of cards we solely use paper from sustainably managed forests that has been bleached without the use of chloropropanols and does not contain ingredients like 3-MCPD and 1,3-DCP, as certified by the FSC seal of approval.

Plastic reduction

Together with our business partners and suppliers, we take a very thorough and detailed look at ways to reduce the use of plastic (PVC), to choose recyclable PET or cardboard instead or, in certain product groups, to entirely refrain from using it, this way economising on resources and cutting down on packaging waste. In 2021, for example, we launched a new bag collection, made of recycled polyester. As of today, 20 per cent of our entire bag selection is made of recycled materials. In addition, we have changed the bags’ stuffing material that is necessary for presentation. This used to be made of foamed plastic, but is now completely made of recyclable cardboard. Smaller items such as wallets or purses, plush and some products made of metal are now being wrapped in paper as opposed to polybags.

The products’ longevity

The developing and finishing of our products as well as the choice of materials are subject to very high quality standards. In fact the quality of our sandwich boxes, drinking bottles and school items such as pencil cases or backpacks allows our customers to pass them on to their younger siblings, making more than just one person happy.

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2. Sustainable supply chains


Social standards

While the development of our products is being carried out solely in our headquarters near Hamburg, the manufacturing had to be outsourced, while all our production sites are required to meet social standards like the BSCI standard (Business Social Compliance Initiative) , SEDEX, ICTI or SA8000. We are devoted to fair wages and working conditions as well as environmentally sound production standards.

Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains

DWe are already taking the implementation of The Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtgesetz) very seriously. The Act is aimed at exhorting our suppliers as well as all business contacts indirectly connected to our global supply chain to adhere to the existing standards on human rights and environmental protection, thus fostering a fair and sustainable global economy as well as a responsible company management. To ensure compliance to these requirements, Depesche has deployed an employee to visit the production sites and to screen the necessary standards. In addition, we are already in the process of implementing training and auditing concepts to provide for more transparency.

EU standards

Our entire range of products meets the EU standards on product safety. This way we ensure that all our products are free of substances that could pose a threat to people’s health or the environment. These standards are being audited by unrelated third parties on a regular basis

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Depesche Lager mit roten Blüten

3. Environmental management


Strong regional partnerships

As far as practicable, we establish business partnerships within our region, from technical service and support and companies providing us with our cardboard packaging to having our print products preferably printed in Germany. A huge share of our revenue from colouring books, for instance, stems from items entirely produced in the EU. This way we are economizing in CO2, protecting the global climate and supporting companies from our region.

Material recycling

Material recycling is a very important factor to us. Renewable materials, cardboard and paper that can no longer be used are being separated and returned to the resource cycle.

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Firmensitz von Depesche mit Bienenstöcken
Depesche Firmengebäude mit Wiese und Bienenstöcken

4. Responsibility to society


Product development

The development of our trend products is aimed at bringing more carefreeness into our customers’ everyday life, and this includes the joy of gift-giving. To us it is a great incentive to see the enthusiasm children are putting into playing with our colouring and creative sets, the compassion they have for our protagonists and the way they playfully discover new worlds. We are keen to continue helping children playing in the analogue world, and to carry on putting a smile on children’s faces for years to come.

Social commitment

One of our main principles at Depesche Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG is this: our responsibility towards society does not stop at shipping and selling our products. We would like to help where help is needed the most. This is why we are alternately supporting the SOS Children’s Villages (SOS-Kinderdörfer), various children’s aid projects and children’s cancer hospitals with monetary and in-kind donations.

Social Action Day: “Youth Makes Change Happen”

Each year pupils get the chance to swap one school day with a day at a job of their choice, donating the earned money to the organisation “Schüler Helfen Leben” (Solidary Action Day Movement). This way they are supporting youth and education projects for children of the same age in Southeast Asia and Jordan, setting an example for an open and tolerant society.

Future Day

Each year we are giving pupils from our region the opportunity to try out various professions. On this day, called “Future Day” (formerly called “Girls & Boys Day”), we offer them an insight into a regular day at a producing company as well as into jobs related to media, IT, logistics, and administration.

5. Sustainable management



Maintaining long-term and trusting business relations with our partners, suppliers and retailers is of major importance to us, with quality being more important than individual price trends.

Family friendliness

We are a family-friendly company, placing importance on a healthy work-life balance for our employees. Offering a full working week of 36.5 hours, 30 days of annual holiday and an extra month’s salary (13th instalment), we are aiming at granting our employees the opportunity to wisely combine family and career.

Extensive healthcare

Our employees’ health is something we have close to our hearts. This is why we offer them regular medical check-ups with our company physician.

High-quality vocational training

Our trainees are our future. For this reason we make sure that from day 1 they are an intergal part of our company, a part of our team that we are keen to promote and challenge. Our objective as a company is to enable our up-and-coming employees to finish their training with excellent results in their field, thus preparing them in the best possible way for their career – gladly a career in our house.

Small-scale sustainability

Sustainability stars at our own doorstep. Our business premises are brightened up by several beehives, the inhabitants of which having close access to an abundance of flowers and fruit-bearing trees. Next to this area, three alpacas are keenly witnessing the proceedings from their own paddock.

Sustainability in the future

Sustainability is not exactly a brand-new matter, yet we are all just getting started. This means that we shall carry on intensifying our commitment to sustainability – on all levels and fields.

We are keen to raise the efficacy of our endeavours, having all our employees and business partners join us in our efforts and assist our customers in finding simple ways to lead their everyday lives as sustainably as possible. We are very much looking forward to a more sustainable and responsible future for all of us!