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Some questions are being asked more often than others. Perhaps your question can be found here? Should you have a query on a different matter, please do not hesitate to use our contact form. Your interest will be appreciated, and we will soon get back to you personally!

Being a manufacturer, we currently ship our products to retailers only, not to private customers. However, many of our partners have an online shop via which you can purchase our products. Feel free to use our retailer search tool here on the Depesche website. Alternatively you can browse Amazon for our items.

A product from our house has become defective within the guarantee period? In this case it is best to turn to the shop in which you have purchased the product. The shop will take it back and usually returns it to us.

If, in some rare cases, this procedure is not possible, please contact us so that together we can arrange an individual procedure. Please ensure to keep the defective product until the complaint procedure has been fully processed so that, if needed, we can take the product back for further examination. Thank you very much!

Our service department can be contacted either per telephone at 0115 - 947 52 00, per E-mail at or via our contact form. Additionally, you can contact us per mail, using this address:

Carnac Place, Cams Hall Estate
Fareham, Portsmouth
Hampshire, PO16 8UY
United Kingdom

The default secret code at the time of purchase is "0000". Entering this code will open the lock and start the diary's in-built music. The pencil case does not play music as you will be likely to be using it in the classroom. As for changing the code, we have featured the whole procedure in an extensive news article for you. Read all about the procedure in our article "The Keeper of Secrets: How to change the secret code of your diary with code and sound!".

Your question has not been answered in this section? In this case please get in touch with us via our contact form. We will pass your question on to the correct department und will get back to you!