The keeper of secrets: How to change the secret code of your diary with code and sound!

You have a new Depesche diary with code and sound and want to set up or change your personal secret code? We tell you how to do it!

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Clarity in mind

Diary writing is absolutely in vogue. Not only adults write their thoughts from the soul, also children like to keep special experiences and feelings on well-guarded lines. And why not? Because diary writing not only exercises young students' handwriting, but also helps them to reflect and re-evaluate new situations.

The beautifully illustrated secret diaries with code and sound from TOPModel, Miss Melody, Dino World and Co. offer your children plenty of space for their secret thoughts and wishes on 80 colourfully illustrated and fine-lined pages. Safely hidden behind a secret code, the diary opens when the code is entered correctly. Then, and only then, a top hit like "Tick Tock," "Rewrite the Stars" or a scary dinosaur roar will sound. We'll show you how to set up or change your very own secret code in this simple step-by-step guide.

How to change the secret code in three steps!

Whether TOPModel, Dino World or Ylvi - all Depesche diaries with code and sound have the same preset secret code. This is how you can create your own secret code:

  1. The preset password is "0000". Enter it - and the lock will open while music plays.
  2. Immediately after you open the lock, press the button "*" and hold it for 3 seconds.
  3. Now you have 10 seconds to enter a new four-digit password. If you enter more than 4 numbers, the first four numbers will be saved. Press the "#" button to confirm and save the new password.

Forgotten your secret code?

In case you forget your own password, just press the digits "1", "3" and "0" simultaneously and hold this combination for 4 seconds. You can then enter a new password as explained in steps 2 and 3. Remember this trick well or save this page on your cell phone, it will surely help you many times!

Change batteries

When the batteries are empty, you can change them like this: Turn the screw of the battery compartment counterclockwise and remove the cover. Then insert the new AG13/LR44 batteries as shown in the drawing on the inside. Replace the lid and tighten the screw. Good to know: Your password remains secure even after you have changed the batteries!

Diary writing - the power of routine

With these simple steps, the diary will become the keeper of your secrets. Make diary writing a routine and spend just 5 minutes a day with your children writing down what moves you. You'll see, your children will enjoy sharing their experiences with the TOPModels, Miss Melody or Tyrannosaurus Rex, learn to sort and express their thoughts and feelings and create more clarity in their mind. And above all, it's a wonderful parent-child time that you'll remember fondly. We wish you and your children lots of fun!

Still not quite convinced why journaling is so good for children? Then read our article "Diary & journaling – 5 reasons why even little ones should record the colorful thoughts of the day!"


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