Our team, our tasks ...

Our products go through many different departments from the initial idea to reaching our customers. We will introduce you to some of them, tell you about the exciting tasks our employees take on in these teams and what makes their job at Depesche so special.

Illustration auf dem Bildschirm - Depesche Produktschmiede
Illustratorin bei Depesche zeichnet Ylvi-Motiv

Product Provider

From the idea to the first brush stroke to the product design, our creative team has their hands full. Ten illustrators alone scribble, illustrate and colour new faces and fashion styles for TOPModel, develop horse and rider poses and put dinosaurs from prehistoric eras on paper. At the same time, product managers research new trends and create innovative product ideas that, in close cooperation with the Graphics Department, receive their final design. Our employees from the Illustration, Graphics and Purchasing Departments work with a lot of love and passion to make gift-giving even more fun.


My job actually found me. My dream had always been to work as an illustrator, but life had other plans. Through detours and a fortunate coincidence, I came to Depesche. I can put all my ideas on paper here.

Viola Perkams, Illustrator

I love the variety and the demand for the vast range of products here at Depesche – with how much love and energy new items are created to bring a sparkle to children's eyes.

Miriam Grams, Product Manager

Mitarbeiterin im Meeting bei Depesche


To set the production and shipping processes in motion, we have a colourful team of creative marketing minds. From the first photo to the presentation on our website and in our B2B online shop to the branding at the point of sale, they ensure that you discover our products!

Likewise, the TOPModel editorial team and the social media team become creative: exciting stories about friendship, big feelings and first-class fashion are developed, baking and recipe ideas are tested, photographed and commented on, DIYs and how-to guides are developed and tested, and exciting innovations are introduced. The cheerfully colourful result can be found in our TOPModel creative magazine every month and in daily posts on Instagram, TikTok & Co.!


For me, Depesche is a place where I can think not only quietly, but also loudly and madly. The fact that these zany ideas eventually become creative content that inspires children makes me really happy.

Mirjam Peter, Editor of TOPModel Magazine

It's wonderful to see how we make children happy with our products and our content every day. At Depesche, we enjoy the confidence and freedom to be creative and respond quickly to trends.

Jasmin Hoffmann, Social Media Manager

Jasmin Hoffmann, Mitarbeiterin bei Depesche
Depesche Buchhaltung
Mitarbeiter aus der Buchhaltung bei Depesche im Gespräch

Back Office

Our back office includes several departments that are responsible for the smooth management and continuous support of the company's operations. This includes Accounting, IT and Human Resources.

As the largest back office team, Accounting has close contact with all of the company's departments and assumes the financial management of the company for Germany and Europe.

Our IT team operates the merchandise management system as well as the system software for internal and external sales, supervises and administers user support, and implements new technologies if necessary to optimise efficiency and productivity within the company. Depending on the capacity, we train IT specialists for system integration, making it possible to adhere to our principle of promoting our own young talent.

The HR Department is responsible for the development and support of personnel within our company, numbering more than 320 employees, recruits new colleagues and is the contact point for the questions and concerns of all regional, national and international Depesche teams.

Depesche Personalleitung Nadine Rojahn

I have been part of the Depesche team for 17 years, and I am still very happy about that. Here I have the opportunity to get involved and develop myself. We live the values of a modern family business – that is very important to me.

Nadine Rojahn, HR Manager

Vertriebsmeeting bei Depesche

Internal Sales & Field Service

With a team of around 120 sales representatives, we are directly on site in Germany, Europe and around the world and support our distributors: from acquiring and advising our new customers, to refurbishing and restocking our goods to equipping our existing customers with POS branding and advertising materials for brick-and-mortar retail as well as their online presence. Our team is at home througout Europe.

Of course, a contact person for our field service and our national and international customers can always be found at our headquarters. Our internal sales department handles all aspects of the ordering process and serves wholesale and retail customers at home and abroad.



I have been working in Internal Sales for 19 years and have witnessed the success story of Depesche over the years. The strong cohesion, the very collegial interaction with the field service and the independent customer service are particularly entertaining.

Stefan Meyer, Internal Sales Representative

Every visit gives me the opportunity to introduce new products to our customers, which makes me proud. Satisfied customers are my driving force, and, even after 20 years, I enjoy our new ideas every day.

Mark Stark, Field Sales Representative

Logistik-Mitarbeiterin bei Depesche


Depesche manages over 8,000 products per year, which are shipped in approximately 200,000 parcels to toy and gift shops as well as food retailers in Germany, Europe and around the world. For this purpose, our headquarters in Geesthacht maintains a warehouse equipped with modern technology and intelligent logistics software. During the course of two shifts, our dedicated logistics employees, numbering around 115, reliably order-pick, pack and ship lovingly designed colouring and creative books, 3-compartment pencil bags, school satchels and many other gift ideas to make the world a little more colourful.

At Depesche, we are proud to be able to internally implement a large segment of the value chain, and we devote all our efforts and energy to ensuring that this remains the case!


We are fortunate to be able to work with the latest technology. I have excellent colleagues; we are a team. In addition, payment is above average, the working hours are fair, and there is hardly any overtime. I like working here.

Daniel Prade,Warehouse Manager