The TOPModel bucket list for good mood during the summer holidays!

The summer holidays are here and with them plenty of time for good mood and exciting adventures! We have put together a bucket list for lots of fun.

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Finally the time has come, the summer holidays are here! But after the first relaxed phase, it can get boring over the weeks. To make sure that doesn't happen, we've put together a bucket list of five happy to-dos that are guaranteed not to be boring, but instead provide new experiences, lots of fun and good mood!

1. Experience an adventure!

  • Go camping for a night!
  • Pack your backpack and go out into nature with friends
  • Roast stick bread & marshmallows around the campfire with your family

2. Learn something new!

  • Learn the hand lettering and embellish your writing
  • Learn to crochet figures or tie makramées
  • Try a new sport

3. Do something creative!

4. Find a new habit for your everyday life!

  • Begin to write a (holiday) diary
  • Do a yoga or sports exercise every morning that is good for you
  • Practice a new foreign language for 5 minutes a day
  • Prepare a fresh & healthy breakfast every morning

5. Do something relaxing or beautiful for yourself!

  • Get up early and watch the sunrise with your best friend
  • Enjoy a cool face mask and listen to your favourite song face mask

TOPModel fans can download the good-mood-bucket-list with Lexy here – directly to check off and add to individually. We wish you lots of fun and exciting adventures during the summer holidays!


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