Accompany us on a short informative trip through time - from the middle of the 1980s until today.

Kjeld Schiøtz established the firm of Depesche in Vierlanden in 1985 - right on the embankment of the River Elbe.

Between 1985 and 1990 Depesche established itself as a publisher of greeting cards and a specialist in the area of named products such as keyrings and mugs. New marketing channels, successful innovative products, and continual dedication lead to the business relocating during this time from Vierlanden to Bergedorf (Hamburg), and later to Glinde. Every move saw a noticeable expansion of the site.

Diddl is still in his original stages and has a lot of development before him.

The first Diddl postcards were produced in Germany, some of which are worth a lot of money today.

The first plush Diddl came into the world, and delighted both the young and the old.

Depesche expands and moves to Geesthacht.

The first Diddl blocks trigger a collecting and swapping fever both in children and adults.

The quarterly fan magazine presents its first edition.

The Diddl Workshop's logo is introduced and typifies the creativity and hard work that goes in to creating the products.

The first 120 cm plush Diddls start moving into children's bedrooms across Germany.

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