The TOPModel brand is based on several pillars. Apart from lovingly designed paper articles, trendy school products and fashionable cosmetics, the brand also includes the TOPModel Creative Magazine,a website where the target group can interactively experience the TOPModel World and present the designs they have created with the help of our colouring books, as well as several TOPModel apps.

TOPModel Website

In the free TOPModel Community everything revolves around fashion, creativity, friendship and cool competitions. The website invites young girls to interactively discover the world of the TOPModels step by step and develop their creativity.

TOPModel Magazine

Every month the latest news from the TOPModel World is available from the newsagent. Apart from exciting TOPModel stories, the creative magazine also contains cool DIY ideas and terrific styling and beauty tips, making it an absolute must-have for all young girls!

TOPModel FaceFun App

This TOPModel app provides a wide selection of stylish masks, crazy emojis and cool filters for you to decorate your selfies to your heart's desire.

TOPModel Contest App

This TOPModel app provides many TOPModel Worlds with eight levels each based on the game Tic Tac Toe. An absolute must-have for all TOPModel fans!