The 2,400 products produced up to now are shown as an entire collection.

The 'Endless book of Fairy tales' is released created by 10,000 Diddl fans working together.

Diddl's first CD appears with 13 hot new Diddl hits. Diddl can now be heard for the first time.

Nearly 80,000 fans from all over Germany are wowed at the historical museum house in Geesthacht.

The first international shop for Depesche is opened in Utrecht (the Netherlands).

"Diddl's Cheese Page“ is set up on the Internet under www.diddl.de.

"Diddl's Cheese Page" has been given a fresh coat of paint and numerous new community features at www.diddl.com.

Diddl gets things moving at more than 100 live shows in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland. Pimboli and Ackaturbo make their first appearance.

The first Diddl listening cassette appears in Diddl's jubilee year.

Pimboli's first series of postcards are printed. At the same time "The Diddl Magazine" comes into the shops as a continuation of the "Diddl News".

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