24 TOPModel advent calendar ideas to fill yourself!

Your TOPModel advent calendar: How to make your child happy for 24 days!

Small gifts keep friendship alive - filling an advent calendar yourself is not only fun when planning, selecting and preparing the 24 gift ideas, the personally selected specialties also give the children a little joy every day. But what do you fill the 24 doors with? What small attentions are your children happy about? Every year, the DIY advent calendar presents parents with the same challenge: What can I use to give my child a new joy every morning without using up the budget for the entire Christmas celebration? We've picked out 24 little advent calendar ideas that will make TOPModel fans happy.

A new TOPModel idea every day

1st door: Super beautiful on the arm and in the hair - the blue-gold TOPModel Hairband And Bracelet is a real eye-catcher with its pretty details, the angel wings, hearts or the infinity symbol, and a wonderful start to the TOPModel advent calendar.

2nd door: School is boring? Not with TOPModel - the TINY DANCER Eraser Roller Skates come with spinning wheels and in different colours and designs!

3rd door: Excuse adé! With the cute cat set of mini notebook and pen from TOPModel LEO LOVE your child will not forget a thought!

4th door: Pretty on the arm, practical in the hair - the beautiful TOPModel Elastic Hairbands are available in subtle to colourful colour combinations. Completely individual according to taste!

5th door: The super cute, lightly covering Lipstick with cat ears from the TOPModel Beauty Girl collection will be the highlight of the day - with milkshake or apple scent!

6th door: Dreamlike writing - the Santa Claus door holds a special gift for every TOPModel fan with the TOPModel Feather Ballpen! Available in three designs and with replaceable refill.

7th to 9th door: The TOPModel Beauty Face Masks promise a refreshing, invigorating beauty evening with mom and child. Special highlight: The cool panda, cat and bear look can be divided among three doors at once!

10th door: Have you ever given away a game night together? With the TOPModel Fidget Fun behind door 10, you're sure not to run out of ideas so quickly!

11th door: It's Glibbie Time! Time for some decoration in the children's room: With the TOPModel Glibbies, window panes, flower pots and other smooth surfaces can be perfectly stickered and easily removed again. Decorating fun guaranteed!

12th door: Almost too cute for school! With the TOPModel Eraser Set Mini of four little schoolbooks and three pens, it feels like the TOPModels are right in the middle of it instead of just being there. Pro tip: When opened, the 7-piece set can be super spread across several doors of the advent calendar at once!

13th door: With the "Prince" pendant, the animal TOPModel roommate is always with you! Whether on the school bag, on the wallet or as a key ring - the pug is a real eye-catcher in its pink cover!

14th to 18th door: There is never enough glitter! The TOPModel Glitter Gel Pen-Set provides lots of glittery painting fun! Spread over several doors, you'll keep the daily anticipation going and save your wallet!

19th door: Could there be a more personal gift? These sweet, glittery TOPModel Alphabet Bracelet are adorned with two pearls and a silver letter charm with clear gemstones. Almost too pretty!

20th door: The TOPModel Hairband And Bracelet was already very well received in the first door? Excellent, then why not try the pink and gold version of the TOPModel set today!

21st door: Colourful, stylish & extremely practical: With the TOPModel Folding Hairbrush, your child will never leave the house unkempt! In three different motives with cool wording and mirror inside, it fits perfectly in every advent calendar door.

22nd door: Wow, Chocolate makes a great addition to your school bag, keys or pencil case with his striped t-shirt. One of four TOPModel Plush Dog Pendants to collect belongs in every advent calendar!

23rd door: Time to get ready for the holidays! The TOPModel Mini Lipgloss Set leaves every freedom of choice for colour and taste until the last minute!

24rd door: Pink, blue or purple - which hair colour suits Christmas Eve? With the TOPModel Hair Chalk Pens, the decision is entirely yours! Easy to apply, easy to wash out.

Personalized gifts delight the child's soul

A self-made advent calendar lives from individual, personal gifts. But there doesn't have to be an expensive surprise lurking behind every door. For example, fill one door with TOPModel DIY instructions or a delicious recipe for Christmas cookies that you can bake and decorate together in the evening. This time together will provide you both with lots of fun and give you great memories for a long time to come!

We hope you have fun planning, preparing and filling your advent calendar and even more fun unwrapping it! Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration!