Watercolour Book: a step-by-step guide for creating magical watercolour motifs!

Have you heard of our enchanting Watercolour Books by TOPModel, Miss Melody, and Dino World? Using the included paintbrush and some water, you can turn the cute motifs into beautiful and vivid watercolour pictures! In the following step-by-step guide we are going to provide you with some ideas and tricks on how to make your motifs even more colourful!

Before you start

Get your Watercolour Book and a glass of water. Detach the included paintbrush from your book. Make sure to put everything onto a water-resistant surface.

1, 2, 3 steps

  1. Browse the selection of 15 templates and pick your favourite. Gently bend the book’s spine to prevent the previous pages from flipping back.
  2. At the book’s back cover you will find a fold-out base that you can shift into your book right underneath your motif. This way the page will not get soaked and the motifs beneath will be shielded from the applied water.
  3. Now moisten the included paintbrush with water and slightly dampen the areas you wish to colour in. Use a little more water for bold colours and a little less for more delicate hues.

Pro tip: The colours are hiding beneath the thick black lines. Dare to apply some paintbrush strokes to them – this will allow the colour to spread.

Be careful: Not every line contains a colour. Some of the finer lines are simply honing the motif. You will soon find out which lines are containing and releasing colours.

Also, check out our three Watercolour Book video tutorials by TOPModel, Miss Melody or Dino World! You might find one or two other cool hints hidden in them.

We wish you loads of fun with your first watercolour motifs – how about sharing them with us? Simply upload a picture of them on our Instagram channel @depesche_vertrieb or our Facebook page @DepescheVertrieb! We cannot wait to check them out!