J1MO71 - Lisa & Lena

Don’t just dream it – do it!

By this motto the tik-tok stars Lisa & Lena are living their life.

And this motto of theirs is one of the reasons why everybody loves them:

30 million people have been watching their clips on the dance and playback application tik-tok, while the twins have about 14 million followers on Instagram.

Lisa & Lena have fans all around the globe, but they are probably best known in America and Europe.

With their fashion label J1MO71 the girls have made their own dream come true – they have been designing fashion since their early childhood. For this they, among other items, made good use of their TOPModel colouring books, constantly boosting their interest and expertise in fashion, colours and shapes.

Lisa & Lena have developed their fashion collection J1MO71 in a very distinctive way: they have mixed sporty looks with girlish colours and cool logos. Their fashion enthusiasm is particularly obvious when you look at all the trendy details that make each piece to a very special item.

This trademark style of theirs can also be found in the merchandise collection by Depesche: cool school articles, trendy stationery items as well as colourful writing and drawing paper with Lisa & Lena’s autograph cards are part of the collection as well as a colouring book that helps the fans get creative together with the famous twins – do it!